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Registry MX Reaches First Million Domain Names

Registered .MX Domain Names By Year Chart

Registered .MX Domain Names By Year

Chart of registered .MX domain names by year from 2008 to 7/10/2018. Data obtained from NIC Mexico.

Registry .MX recently announced reaching their first million registered domain names. The one million mark was officially passed on July 10, 2018. Registry .MX is a division of NIC Mexico and is responsible for the administration of the .MX domain name registry.

The .MX domain name extension is the ccTLD or Country Code Top Level Domain representing the country of Mexico. I created the chart above titled Registered .MX Domain Names from tabular data published on the NIC Mexico website.

Total domain name registrations by year on the chart include the following extensions:

  • .mx - unrestricted (31% of total)
  • - unrestricted (65% of total)
  • - qualifying network providers
  • - qualifying non-profit organizations
  • - qualifying educational institutions
  • - government entities

Looking at the line chart we can see that the shorter .MX ccTLD was introduced in the year 2008. From the year 2008 through 2016, the two unrestricted extensions .MX and .COM.MX grew in parallel.

Unrestricted .mx and domain name registrations together comprise 96% of all .MX domain names.

Registrations for the longer .COM.MX extension appear to outpace the shorter .MX extension from 2016 onward. Let's keep in mind, however, that .COM.MX was first to market. The shorter .MX tld began at 0% in 2008, then peaked at 35% of the Mexican ccTLD market in the year 2016.

When it comes to domain names, shorter is generally better. The same can be said for the text to the right of the dot. The value of the shorter .MX extension should be higher than the longer .COM.MX extension. The visual appeal of a short .MX domain name when advertised is greater. And it's much easier to read, speak, type, and remember.

If you would like to share your .MX domain name registration experience with me, please contact me to discuss.

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