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Google Plus Shutting Down August 2019

Google Plus Social Network Icon

Google Plus Social Network

Snapshot of the Google+ icon prior to the scheduled shutdown in August 2019.

Google recently announced that they are shutting down Google+ to the general public. The shutdown is currently scheduled for August 2019 in order to provide time for Google+ users to export a copy of their data. Google+ will be reformatted into an enterprise product whereby co-workers can engage in secure internal discussions via a corporate social network.

How To Download Your Google+ Data

You must use Google Takout to download your Google+ data. Download all of the following Google+ related products from the list:

  • G+ +1s
  • Google+ Circles
  • Google+ Communities
  • Google+ Stream

To download your Google+ Pages content, sign in to Google Takeout as the Google+ Page owner, for example. Otherwise the option will not show in your account data to export list.

Social network sites like Google+ and Facebook are a great way to engage with customers and help boost traffic to your personal or business website. But let this closure of Google+ remind everyone that a social network page or profile is not a replacement for a website of your own.

Buy your own domain name and setup a website or blog sooner rather than later. Otherwise be prepared to download your Google+ like profile and page data again.

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