Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I created this web page in hopes of answering the most frequently asked questions received through the contact me form found on this site. Please browse the list of questions and answers below before submitting your question to me. Thank you.

Domain name prices in USD, SGD, MXN?

All prices are listed in US Dollar (USD) on this website. Type USD MXN or any other currency into your browser and you should get a conversion rate.

What types of payment do you accept?

Domain and website sales will process through either or is primarily used for add on services such as front-end website design, back-end website programming, and website hosting. All three accept a variety of payment methods.

How long does it take to complete a domain name purchase?

If you already have a (or and account, then, the process can be completed in less than one week. The transaction completion time depends upon how fast you can create those two accounts, clear a payment, and transfer the domain name. Bumps along the way are common. I will guide you through the process and together we will get it done.

How do I know you wont try to cheat me? and protect us both and that's why I use their services. You can learn more about me John Napoletano on LinkedIn. LinkedIn lets you know that you are working with a real person with industry experience.

I want to make a purchase but know nothing about websites.

I can guide you through the purchase and setup process at your pace and availability. If you need a basic website, we can negotiate an extra fee for such services. This offer is only available to those who purchase a domain name from me.

Do you offer financing or leasing options?

If you are a blogger, writer, are certified in something, or are a small business owner we can discuss a payment plan or lease bundled with hosting and other services. I would need to see an active LinkedIn account or other easy way to verify your credentials.

I need a domain name plus website in 24 hours can you do that?

I surely could do that. But since your payment would not clear for a few days, there would be nothing stopping you from canceling your payment after 48 hours for example. So you see, unless I know you personally that is not a good idea.

How do I hire you to host or build my website?

At this time I am taking new clients by invite only. Meaning that I pick up clients in the normal course of doing business online and offline. You may contact me to see if one of my team members is ready to accept new clients.

What languages do you speak for purchase or other support?

I am a native English speaker. If you have a sense of humor then we should be able to get through a purchase transaction in Spanish. Portuguese, Italian, and French are a stretch but might be do-able with the help of Google translate. My wife speaks Thai, though, you probably don't. Whoever keeps spamming my forms in Russian please stop.

Can you send me your pricing information?

No. I mostly do custom web development work and my pricing is therefore not fixed. I tailor my pricing to meet the needs of my clients after an initial consultation.

How do I contact your billing department?

If you have a billing issue of course we will resolve it together. But please first double check that it's me that has billed you.

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Last updated: October 10, 2018.

Please allow 24 hours for a response. Web development projects and time zone differences may slow my response time.