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Think of us as your local fax shop, hotel front desk, or office copy room online.

For sale is what remains of a once active internet fax service. The original fax service was built on the domain name, now forwarded to the top level dot Asia tld.

One website and two domain names are included in the sale:

  • Price: $4,950
  • Domains:,
  • Website: Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Customer data is NOT part of the sale

Asia comprises more than 60% of the world’s population with a total of 49 nation states. China, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam are among the nations in need of fax number services.

Fax is a high volume keyword phrase. Sign up for your favorite voip phone and fax number partner program and start marketing phone and fax numbers to customers worldwide.

Want recurring income from selling fax numbers and phone numbers worldwide? Buy this website and domain name and get started today.

Purchase of this website and domain name package will be processed through unless we have conducted business together in the past. I will pay the standard escrow fee for this transaction.

After we have agreed on the price and terms, I will initiate the escrow process and talk you through the steps. For more information please review my frequently asked questions page.


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